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First thoughts

Core team: Barbara-Claire Martin, Xavier Rodriguez, Tyrone James Stewart, Alexander Brunning, Mandy Whiley

When I thought about what to write on this site, nothing at first came to mind. Why would people be interested in what I have to say. I'm just me, doing what I find interesting and enjoyable.But it occurs to me that there are lots of other folks out there just like me. So if I can be at all insightful or helpful about my film-making endeavours, and any other related escapades, then that's what I'll use it for. So feel free to drop me a comment if you like or just enjoy the films on the site. Until the next one my best.

Above image shows core team clockwise: Barbara-Claire Martin (film director), Xavier Rodriguez (cinematographer/DP), Tyrone Stewart (founder/ producer), Alexander Brunning (editor) and Mandy Whiley (film director).


I am extremely pleased to see Jemsea site up and running and look forward to this site going from strength to strength. I know that Ty has many ideas that he wishes to develop and will be watching this space with interest.

By Keith Hills