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Me having lunch at Cannes

When i was making the first Stalker it dawned on me that I would like to do more of these things. Having the right people around you, a story that flows well and with good planning it is possible to do them for very little money. It can be a lot harder than you think but once you get going the momentum and your determination will get it done. It may not turn out like you thought but with a good editor and a great music score no one will know the pain & frustration you went through in making it. The tricky bit is putting all the bits together some scenes will work others won't, things you didn't expect to work do. It will drive you crazy. In a good way (but not always). Hopefully in the end you will have a film you can show the world. Also feed your cast and crew well. That way when you ask them to do it again they might just say yes.